What Our Clients are Saying About Us!

Training with McCloud Fitness has transformed my relationship with my health and well being. Training TRX with Renae & Michael was an integral piece of me losing 30 pounds and becoming the adult athlete I knew I had inside and always wanted to be. At 44 years old, I am stronger, have more energy, enthusiasm, and vitality than I’ve seen in almost 20 years! Oh, yeah, and a six pack! THANK YOU, McCloud Fitness!

I have been a private client with Renae for over 4 years. TRX training has changed my body and given me muscle and balance. She tailors the workouts to challenge my abilities and potential. She is the reason I was able to summit Mt. Rainier last year.

Renae has the uncanny ability to guide me through my perceived boundaries toward achieving my personal goals. What a positive experience! Her knowledge, experience and personalized execution result in individual sessions uniquely tailored to my needs. She is truly vested in my success. Renae’s enthusiasm is contagious; I can’t wait for my next workout! No one can teach the basics of TRX and then “progress” you to the next level like Renae.

Renae has made TRX training the only indoor exercise that I can stick with and really enjoy. She’s a great motivator and turns hard work into a satisfying challenge. Classes are energetic, well-paced and fun.

Renae is a very positive and encouraging coach. She has a wonderful smile that lights up the room and makes you feel good. I believe she truly cares about each of her clients. She watches carefully and guides you through new and old exercises to achieve better health and a better life.

Renae McCloud is changing my life. I have not felt so empowered for years…after losing faith in myself after a ‘middle age’ weight gain and motivation was ‘non-existent,’ the corner has been turned! Renae’s sensitive, intelligent and energizing approach to life and fitness is not just inspiring…it’s contagious. Thank you, Renae….you are a very bright light in my life and I am so grateful.

Renae has so much enthusiasm for teaching, it lights up the room. You have fun when you are exercising, harder that you ever thought you could. Fun and positive energy are the attitudes in her workouts. Her skill and knowledge are apparent as she teaches proper technique to prevent injury. I have always felt comfortable modifying movement to prevent injury and allow strength to come before moving to next level.