5 days to get your health back on track

You’re home from vacation, and you feel terrible. You overate, drank too much, and you probably didn’t exercise as much as you thought you would. You gained a few pounds. You’re left feeling bloated, dehydrated, fatigued, you have a foggy brain, a low-grade headache, and are sleeping like crap at night?

Sound familiar?

I have a quick and easy, 5-day program I’d love to share with you. I use it with my clients; it has helped my clients get back on track and feel better.

How does that sound?

Ready to get started?

First, mark your calendar; you will start on Monday. Give yourself a few days to prepare appropriately.

Second, grab a friend, the buddy system is the best system. You will keep each other accountable and motivated to eating clean and exercising for five days (Monday-Friday).

Together, you can do this.




  • Saturday – clean out the kitchen (be brutal and ruthless for your well-being). If it’s in the house, it’s a temptation; you will eat it.

Clean your kitchen of all distractions. You know, the foods that call your name in the middle of the day or the evening before bed.

It’s only five days; you can do it!

  • Clear your calendar of all social engagements, if possible. Again, you are ruthless for your well-being, no temptations for poor judgment.
  • Sunday – hit the grocery store. Make the time to plan and prep today so that you have plenty of healthy choices on hand for the week. Your goal is to make this week easy to eat clean and stay on track.

My husband makes a big pot of chili/stew/etc. that’s quick and easy to eat during the week. Another idea, make a pot of shredded chicken, wild rice or quinoa, and have lots of greens on hand for quick salads. The chicken and grain will last about 3-4 days in the refrigerator. Hard-boiled eggs are a great “quick snack” during the day; we always have them ready to go. Have healthy fats on hand like avocado, olives and olive oil, cheese, full-fat plain (No Sugar) greek yogurt, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, etc. These fats will keep you full and satiated until the next meal.

These are just ideas. Be creative, what foods do YOU enjoy?

  • Next – grab your calendar – plan your workouts for the week RIGHT NOW. What will you do on Monday and at what time will you do it? Be very specific. Now Tuesday, schedule the workout and time. Continue through Friday.

Schedule an exercise you enjoy: walk, hike, bike, jog, swim, lift weights, yoga, pilates, etc. If you enjoy it, you will do it.

Aim for a minimum of 30-minutes each day. If you feel good, go longer.

Having your workout scheduled on your calendar makes it a priority (just like any other meeting you have planned). The goal here is to avoid wishy-washy mornings, wondering what to do or procrastinating during the day and never getting it done.

Get up, do it first thing in the morning, or pack your bag and have your clothes with you for lunchtime or after-work workout. Make it easy for yourself. No excuses.




The GOAL is to feel GOOD by the end of the week. To get rid of the bloat, fatigue, headache, and foggy brain. The bonus, if you fully commit to this program, you will start to sleep better, which will allow your body to do the necessary work – heal, repair, and recover.

Here are your five daily habits, check them off each day as you complete them.

1. Drink plenty of water. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is an excellent place to start. I use a 32oz jar; it makes it easy to track daily ounces.

2. No sugar or alcohol for five days (I know, Renae is no fun!). It’s going to be tough since you’ve been indulging on vacation; you’re going to crave it like crazy. But you can do it, and I promise, if you do, your body will thank you.

Avoid sugar and processed foods = cake, pie, cookies, candy, pastries, ice cream, packaged foods like crackers, chips, cereal, and avoid soda of any kind, etc.

3. Add greens or veggies to every meal. Make your meals bright and colorful. I know, I know, I just heard the concert of “ewwwww!” Again, your body will thank you.

4. Workout – you have your plan, stick to it, and pack your workout bag the night before if you need to. Make this so simple that you don’t have to think about it.

5. Have fun! This is an essential habit! Do something fun, something that makes you smile each day.


That’s it! It’s quick and easy. Set yourself up for success; it’s time to get your health back, you can do this.

If you need additional help, support, and motivation to get started, please message me. I’m here for you, and I’d love to help you get started on a healthy nutrition and fitness program.

In health,


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