Fire up your TRX Yoga practice with this pose

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TRX Yoga practice? What in the heck is TRX Yoga?

TRX Yoga is its own mindful movement practice. Its own style of power vinyasa yoga.

TRX Yoga is an active practice; you never hang in the straps. You’re always pulling against or pushing down into the cradles, engaging the core and the posterior chain for better body alignment, posture, and a deeper expression of the pose.


Is there really one pose that can bring a spark and heat to your practice? I’d say the TRX Eagle pose is pretty darn close.

Eagle Pose lives in the foundational movement of the squat. The squat is known as ‘the king’ of all lower body strength and mobility movements and is essential for everyday activities.

And in yoga, the squat is used to generate heat and fire in your practice.


In TRX Yoga, the Eagle Pose may be considered a challenging pose.


Not only does it create heat and fire, but the TRX Eagle Pose is also a single arm/single leg pose that challenges your ability to manage the ‘chaos’ of the single anchor point.


The TRX Eagle Pose benefits:

  1. Builds resilience and improves balance.
  2. Develops strength and increases mobility.
  3. Addresses body alignment and posture.
  4. Requires mental focus and concentration to stay in the present moment.
  5. Using the calming rhythm of the breath and a steady gaze teaches you how to embrace the discomfort and sink deeper into ease.


Let’s get started!

Here’s a quick video of how to get into the TRX Eagle Pose. Grab your TRX and follow along with me.

Video link –  TRX Eagle Pose


TRX Eagle Pose

Set up

  • Adjust the straps to fully shortened.
  • Stand facing the anchor point.
  • Palms press down into the cradles.
  • Find your start position through Extended Mountain Pose.
  • Return to Easy Standing Pose (see photo above).

Move into the pose

  • Cross right thigh over left, right toes can touch the floor for added stability.
  • Bend the knees, drop the hips into a single-leg squat position.
  • Grab both cradles with your left hand, bend the left elbow to 90 degrees.
  • Stack shoulders over the hips.

Arm options

  • Option 1 – wrap the right elbow under the left and place your hand on the left shoulder (see photo above).
  • Option 2 – wrap the right elbow under the left, reach the right hand through the cradles, palms facing away from one another, and press the palms into the cradles creating tension in the cradles.

In the pose

  • Breathe! Hold the pose for up to 5 breath cycles, sinking deeper into the pose with each cycle of breath.

Return and repeat

  • Unwind legs and arms.
  • Find your start position through Extended Mountain Pose (see photo above).
  • Repeat TRX Eagle Pose on the other side.


TRX Eagle Pose is a beautiful pose but also an intense pose. Please ensure you are warm before adding it into your TRX Yoga practice.


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